Day 4: Tensions Run High


This title was suggested by one of our team members as the title of the post for our last, and hottest day at the worksite. Between having limited tasks to do, being tired and cranky, and having to deal with the heat, we were a pretty snippy bunch. But now that the day is ended, and we’ve had ice cream, a swim in the lake, and showers, we’re all better!

Today we finished all the painting that remained, including the porch floor, and the eaves, which meant Mr. Waite took to the roof. We cleaned up, put furniture back on the porch, and left the site with a brand new ramp for the homeowner who comes home from the nursing home Friday, as well as a completely freshly pained house.

This evening we are preparing to share dinner with our homeowners and then worship together and share the stories of our week. In the morning we will wake up, pack up, have breakfast and chapel and hit the road for home. We are looking forward to sharing our stories, and to a long hot shower to scrub ALL the paint off.

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