Advent 2011: Lighting A Path


When you step out into the darkness of an early morning, the path before you is often very dark.  But as your eyes adjust to the darkness, it becomes brighter, and then as sunlight begins to come into the landscape it becomes easier and easier to see.

Advent is like that–it is a time of light becoming brighter, the light of the Christ Child.  When we begin the month, we are searching and anticipating.  It is too early to sing carols, and the abundance of Christmas in the shopping malls seems harsh.  But as the month draws on and the story unfolds, the path becomes brighter, until at last we arrive at Christmas Eve.

First Sunday of Advent:  November 27

It Begins with Longing – Isaiah 64: 1-9

Second Sunday of Advent:  December 4

Comforted Along the Journey – Isaiah 40:1-11

 Third Sunday of Advent:  December 11

Children’s Christmas Pageant

Fourth Sunday of Advent:  December 18

Surprises Along the Path – Luke 1:26-38

Christmas Eve:  December 24, 7:00 pm

The Path Becomes Clear

Christmas Day:  December 25, 10:00 am

Blessing of the Toys and Hymn Sing 

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