Kenwood Supports Heart Havens


Kenwood will be supporting the Heart Havens Home in Ashland in November. The home is located at 320 N. Snead Street in Ashland. During November, we have several opportunities for you to support the residents and staff of the Ashland Heart Havens Home. Here are just a few of the ideas that we have planned:

Freezer Meals: Provide a simple meal that can be frozen and heated up by the home at their leisure. Allergies: tomatoes (all forms) and mushrooms. Casseroles work best and should be provided in a throw-away container. Ideas include meatloaf, fettuccine alfredo, macaroni and cheese, etc.

Minor Home Repairs & Landscaping: A work day is scheduled for November 23 which may include simple landscaping and minor repairs around the home.

Decorating the Home for the Holidays: Join the Higher Ground youth and decorate the outside of the home for the holidays.

Share a Meal with the Staff and Residents: Join us one evening for a dinner with staff and residents. Can’t attend? Don’t worry, there will be many ways to help out with donations.

Leader of a Scouting Organization or Small Group? These are the perfect sized groups to go out to the home for events. Contact Debra Waite and she will get you the necessary contact information for the home so you can arrange an event that best fits your group and the home’s schedule.

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