Kenwood Outreach 2015


I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and recognize the Outreach Ministries here at Kenwood United Methodist Church. I want to THANK YOU for the outstanding work each one of you do for the folks in need in our Elmont Community. I have accepted the role of Outreach Chairperson. Please consider becoming involved. It is very rewarding!!!

2015 Committees

ACES- Josie Nicholls

Comfort and Joy Prayer Shawl- Judy Bryant, Shirley Jernigan

Elmont School Ministry-

  • Tutoring- Kristie Vota
  • School Supply Drive- coordinator needed
  • Summer Feeding Program- Susan Cunningham and Kristie Vota
  • Special Collections- Kristie Vota
  • Thanksgiving Family- coordinator needed
  • Christmas Family- coordinator needed

Super Bowl of Caring- Mark and Debra Waite (Higher Ground)

Mission to Hanover- Bill McGill, Mark and Debra Waite (Higher Ground)

Shalom Farms- Mark and Debra Waite ( Higher Ground)

Heart Havens- Debbie Duty

If there are any committees that I have overlooked or need to be added, please let me know. Also please let me know what I can do for you! Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed!Attention congregation: as of right now, I’m looking for those interested in taking the lead on the coordinator needed categories listed above! Also , If you can help with any of the outreach opportunities already organized, please let me know. Here’s your chance to become involved! Any and all help is most graciously appreciated! Sincerely, Julie Bookheimer

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