A New Small Group Study starts October 8



Immigration? Healthcare? Race? Human Sexuality? War? Nuclear Weapons? Gambling? Poverty? Marriage? Divorce? Do I have your attention yet? If you find yourself wondering about these topics with respect to Pastor Dan, The Bible, and the UMC (not necessarily in that order) then consider joining this new small group study on The Social Principles of The United Methodist Church. The Social Principles are the product of ninety-eight years of legislative decisions made by lay and clergy members of The United Methodist Church and its predecessor denominations. The Social Principles are prayerful and thoughtful efforts on the part of many General Conferences (what is General Conference? Good question! We will talk about that) to speak to complex and controversial issues. Studying The Social Principles provides opportunities to examine our own theology and ethics and to practice discipleship. Moreover, this class may also provide ways for us to learn how to talk to each other about controversial issues with respect, civility, and love; all things that we need more of these days.

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