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Join us in worship as Pastor Lisa continues her sermon series: “What’s In The Water”


Examining Baptism, and the meaning of Community

Join us as Pastor Lisa continues her series, examining baptism and the meaning of community.

Service begins at 10:00 am – come as you are and bring a friend!



In John 10:3, Jesus tells us that his followers hear his voice and he calls them by name. At the suggestion of Pastor Lisa and with the assistance of the Nurture Committee and our secretary, Kenwood name tags will be available for the congregation beginning September 1st.
Research has shown that wearing name tags for worship creates a more friendly atmosphere and invites conversation. It makes visitors feel more welcome and helps us learn the names of those who are new to the church.
When you arrive next Sunday you will find your name tag in a tray as you enter the foyer. Names are in alphabetical order by your last name. If you do not see your name and would like a tag, please print your name on the sheet provided.
Before you leave, please BE SURE to REMOVE your name tag and place it back in the tray. We pray that you will wear your Kenwood name tag proudly and that it will bring blessings to our congregation and guests.
(For more information, please see Josie Nicholls, Nurture Committee)

Now Hiring!


Director of Children & Youth Ministries

Kenwood United Methodist Church in Ashland, Virginia, seeks an enthusiastic, eager, and gifted person to be our new Director of Children and Youth Ministries. This person will oversee the ongoing ministries of our young people (children and youth) and the volunteers that assist in these ministries. Kenwood’s mission is to be “led by faith, to love, learn and serve”. We want to prioritize young people in ministry. Not only will this person work directly with young people, it will work directly with the leadership of Kenwood to lift up young people’s gifts and needs so that the future of our church is squarely focused on them.  Submit your résumé with a cover letter of interest to:

For a detailed job description please email the Church Secretary at:


“Grow In Grace” Lunch Bunch


Save The Date! Sept 26th 11 a.m. – 12 Noon

Thursday, Sept. 26, 11.a.m.-12 p.m.

Led by our own Judy Lanzillotti and Pastor Lisa Nordan! Mark your calendars and join us for a “Growing in Grace Lunch”. This will be a lunch and study group with the first book being Ragamuffin Gospel. Further details to be offered soon. Tentatively, the group will meet in the Fellowship Hall. Bring a friend & join us!

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