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Church Clean Up!


Help Make Kenwood Shine!

People of Kenwood – clear your calendars for October 26th from 8am- 1pm, as we go about cleaning up the church and grounds. We have tasks for all kinds of gifts and talents! We are cleaning and preparing flower beds, pruning trees, painting, and sprucing up the sanctuary. Bring your rakes, pruning shears, paintbrushes, rags and buckets! Sign up begins TODAY! We need many hands to make for light work. Thank you! – Trustees

Evil and the Justice of God


Beginning next Sunday, Oct. 20th, our Sunday Small Group will begin exploring the book: Evil and the Justice Of God by N. T. Wright. This book has many good practical elements. The problem of evil is at the center of our faith. Wright takes this subject, which is often reduced to philosophical intricacies, and opens it up for all who wish to hear the good news that God has come, and is coming, to put the world to rights. Come and join us after worship! – Pastor Lisa

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